Recognize the Need: Many companies eventually come to the realization that their management team needs to conduct a 360 assessment. They see that this type of full-circle evaluation will provide greater detail and a clearer understanding of their managers from a much broader pool of feedback providers. With an extended collection of raters, this constructive tool reveals opportunities for coaching and development, in addition to providing a more accurate, useful and just assessment of the individual team members.

Find the Solution: The next step in making the assessment happen is to find the best 360 solution for the management team. Though many companies know they need to conduct an assessment, they aren't quite sure where to start. Should they select competencies that are specific to their industry, corporate culture and/or managerial requirements? Who will put it all together? How long will it take? How much of an investment is it?

This is the point when companies reach out to us in their planning process. The quick and easy solution we advise in order to "get their feet wet" is to use an out-of-the-box solution. This readymade 360 instrument for Managers gives them proof of concept in general terms, can be launched and completed within a very short timeframe, provides the constructive feedback they are seeking, reveals how their company's manager's deal with the beneficial responses they receive and has a low cost of entry.

360 for Managers: CompleteSurvey's out-of-the-box 360 for Managers instrument has repeatedly become the quick solution for motivated management teams.

Recently a chain of retail stores across Ontario, Canada used this out-of-the-box instrument for all the reasons listed herein. After the project was complete and the final reports were delivered, we asked for a quick summary of the company's experience. Their HR manager reported:

"The reports were very well received and the process was appreciated by all. This is the first time we have done a 360 as an organization and so it has been meaningful and driven some very decent conversations among our management team."

Take a Sample Run: If you would like to experience this readymade out-of-the-box 360 solution, simply contact us. Our survey specialists are happy to assist you with your measurement for performance needs.