CompleteSurvey and its parent company, C3 Statistical Solutions (C3),  has over seventeen years of experience in providing a wide range of survey, analytic and database management services to a broad spectrum of businesses in need.  The company was originally founded to provide statistical support to academicians conducting dissertation, post-doc and a wide range of academic research.  It quickly grew to provide similar services to businesses and other types of organizations, government entities, worldwide not-for-profit agencies, as well as in educational institutions throughout the country.

During CompleteSurvey and C3's history it has built a proprietary web-based system for secure and efficient online data collection.  It is used to support a wide range of survey forms and modalities. More than 300,000 survey takers have completed an online survey with a high level of confidence.  In addition, this combined company can proudly verify that it has had up-time near 100% and no significant loss of data or user input since its beginning in 1997.

The primary survey team includes a Master’s level statistician with 25 years experience in psychometrics and business, and who is a specialist in business communication with a proven success in designing well worded surveys, reports and communications.  For large-scale contracting a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) is outsource with for full cycle project planning, implementation and evaluation.

Throughout the complete life cycle of a survey project CompleteSurvey and C3's resources are committed to the initiative.  The project manager is the primary contact with the client throughout the entire project.  During the development phase a survey design expert develops the new survey form(s) and the user experience.  For the duration of the actual data collection, an assigned support staff deals with ongoing monitoring while addressing any issues in the process.  Finally, our team collectively develops a comprehensive report utilizing skills from our own psychometricians, communication specialists and published researchers.