"When you measure franchisee satisfaction consistently, it starts to improve." - Franchise Business Review

Measurement for performance assessments effectively make people feel more connected, communication gets better, and, as a result, the supporting workforce has comprehensive data to measure their job development progress.  Businesses of all sizes and shapes have used 360° feedback to further develop their staff.  Over time, this modality of review has proven to be very effective in retaining people while showing value in a company's greatest asset … its employees, of course.

However, when it comes to driving better results for a franchise business, 180 SPRINTS are essential!  SPRINTS are simply a quick turnaround 180° feedback tool that are designed for budget conscious franchisees.  Moreover, it is an ease of effort instrument used in a business environment with sometimes quick turnover in employees.  Done on a quarterly basis this low-budget solution is designed to produce a satisfaction snapshot of the 'right now' status in the workplace. 

180 SPRINTS produce Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 comparative results.  In a setting where it's the nature of the franchise beast to have initiatives/product lines change quickly, these quick evaluations produce an instantaneous picture of the frontline management performance.  The data collected on a periodic basis through an actionable reporting process to all intents and purposes help tweak issues BEFORE they become insurmountable.  That being said, by the end of the year the potential to retain employees increases, workers are more satisfied while the franchise business is improving and growing in an upward direction!