“Christ has put each part of the church in its right place. Each part helps other parts. This is what is needed to keep the whole body together. In this way, the whole body grows strong in love.” – Ephesians 4:16

In today’s congregational environment each part of the church does more than help the other parts grow … they help them expand!  We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses.  And, as with any church, there are many talents needed to keep it going and, moreover, expand into its greater mission.

As faith communities expand they become smarter and more efficient in how they go about making things happen.  They actively examine and evaluate their performance, their mission guidelines, and their overall knowledge of the workings of the church, as well as their insights and how their thoughts contribute to their ability to boldly step out into a brave and venturesome mission.  That mission of growing faith communities successfully is for them to figure out what they are really good at and pack it with punch as a way to lead with their strengths.  Without question what is also reveled during the assessment process are those things that need improving.  So, by expanding with what congregations already know how to do they are at the same time getting better by knowing what needs work.

360 for Congregations is the prevailing tool used to grow the whole body.  The gen pop (general population) 360 for Congregations survey given to a broad scope of people in a congregation simply pulls out the church's muscle that then leads to a significant "aha" moment for the whole body.  That moment is shared with everyone creating clarity and unity of mission that rises to the surface.  Strategic plans are made and people are developed into making great things happen in new ways!