Nonprofit organizations worldwide gain credibility and knowledge by reaching for well crafted 360 feedback evaluations.  Taking their lead from successful businesses, nonprofit organizations know that they can improve their ability to make strategic decisions by making better relationships while searching for unfiltered feedback.   A win-win is created when an agency can identify where the consistencies are located and where are the pitfalls are hidden within the organization.

A 360 multi-rater assessment simply defines a full-circle process.  Just as with any company, the board of a nonprofit is looking for feedback opinions from both those inside the agency as well as from those not necessarily standing within the circular route structure of the organization.  Compared to a business asking for feedback from directors, managers, clients and/or peers, a nonprofit seeks feedback from of the same parallels in addition to the community, volunteers, donors, funders and, of course, staff.

The continued benefit of asking for opinions are unmistakable growth and fostering better communications.  One of the best ways to grow trust and loyalty in any organization is to ask people their opinion.  Everyone from staff to an agency’s funding partners like to know that their voice is heard.  It is truly amazing how just asking for input builds interest and commitment on every level.  It opens communications, builds bonds, creates allegiances and brings credibility to the agency as it cultivates stronger relationships.  Talented and motivated nonprofits logically want to improve in every sector and are grateful for meaningful support along the way.

The best of what comes out of a 360 evaluation is knowledge.  The fine points included in actionable reporting paves the way for constructive learning.  The summarized 360 details are included in competency rollups, gap analysis, agency comparisons, as well as, areas of excellence and needed improvement revealed.  Ultimately, this valuable information presents nonprofit organizations the same golden opportunity to develop short and long-term positioning plans just as it does for all businesses in today’s competitive world market.  Clearly a big win!