What is the role of a Board Member? The job of a member on a Board of Directors (BOD) is to improve the bottom line for the members of an organization and/or present a wider range of offerings to enhance a company’s shareholder value.  Together the BOD jointly oversees the activities of an organization or company and takes on the role of change agent.

It has been said that, “although it may be easier for a cooperative to succeed with good management and a weak board than with a good board and weak management, even the best management eventually will falter without board support.”

A BOD can and should collectively create new ideas.  This need calls for an environment favorable to change and members of the board enthusiastic about going further than the time-honored status quo of things.  Originality, creativity and eagerness to try newly manifested concepts are characteristics desired around a thriving boardroom table.  But, are they there?

A board member’s core values are reflective in all that they do.  A well crafted 360 evaluation will reveal insights to characteristics and behaviors that these high-end decision makers have compared to the organization’s main mission.

Why a BOD 360?  The reasons the BOD should be evaluated are straight forward.  Actionable reporting of the collected rater responses provide the following detail.

  1. Present the board with an opportunity to examine and review its weak points and its strengths.
  2. Provide a valuable measure of prioritizing future needs and growth potential.
  3. Create an instructive and consensus-building function of needs through clarification and designation of the board’s overall standards of performance.   
  4. Encourage each director to reflect on what the board has achieved, in addition to what it should focus on and how it functions.  This type of assessment will result favorably in each director by adding to the task of goal setting for the BOD.  The obligation of the directors through team priorities and to bettering their collective effectiveness makes set objectives all the more probable that they will get done.        
  5. Build a solid foundation for positive change.  Being an answerable member of the board takes personal commitment and often times goes without recognition.  An assessment that pulls out strengths on top of identifying weaknesses will give the BOD a feeling of its own capabilities and successes as a group.  THIS is the platform that constructs  positive change.

Successful BOD assessment should be completed by an outside consultant.  CompleteSurvey has effectively used its Leadership360 measurement for performance tool to uncover the hidden weaknesses and unrealized strengths of the heavy hitters on numerous BOD for nearly two decades.  Many times over, the BOD's of companies large and small have expanded their horizons with the real life take away that has come from the dynamics within their 360 assessment evaluations.