[caption id="attachment_680" align="alignright" width="300"] 180˚ Feedback = Self + Super + Norm[/caption]

The 180 degree feedback formula is simple.  The employee evaluates themselves, the supervisor evaluates the employee and the process is done!  180 feedback is an effective and efficient way to share information on many levels.  The survey report can easily be used to identify the blind spots or hidden strengths that an employee has about their own performance or skills compared to the viewpoint of their up-line manager.  This type of interaction quickly provides an opportunity to uncover areas that need improvement.

Human Resource Departments expand position dimension standards with the help of the 180.  The third component that adds to the continued success of the 180 occurs when a company conducts 180 evaluations on all of its employees at the same position level.  The culmination of collected information now becomes a useful tool for the HR department.  The survey information gathered on each rater is anonymously collected into one large database.  As a result, this storehouse of information is then cultivated to become the normative data for what management sets as the standards for that specific position.

The three-way datum report is powerful.  The comparative data from the 180 evaluations (self, supervisor and norm collection) are three insightful and probably the most significant data points to be considered.  This three-way report provides plenty of information to contemplate for development improvement and planning.

Big Box Retailer scores large with 180˚ success!  Recently, CompleteSurvey worked with a national retail store chain that conducted 180 degree feedback on all of its second tier managers.  Each of the store’s second tier managers across the country rated themselves as well as did their immediate supervisor.  The mission for an enterprise-wide effort allowed for targeted training to identify needs and build new skills in a high-profile customer-facing role.  Once the on-line surveys were completed they were immediately compiled into individual reports for each manager plus their respective data was added to a repository for the 2nd tier manager roll-up of company wide norms.

Two important aspects of choosing the best on-line 180˚ feedback product are the same for any size company.  Data assurance cultivates reliability and streamlined user interface equates ease of use.   BOTH are essential components for rolling out a successful performance review.  CompleteSurvey’s sixteen year track record of experience serving large and small companies worldwide, brings these aspects and more to the game.  For enhanced evolutions and improved response rate provability, contact our experts for more information.