Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” — Galatians 6:9

­In a small village in a geographically diverse third world country, a well established church organization’s director found the need to help keep his large group of leaders sharp and motivated for the overall good of the ministry. He knew that in order for each church to stay focused on the core values of the mission, he needed a multi-rater evaluation that would provide a clear picture of the church leaders strengths and weaknesses.

In a country that is hampered with fragile infrastructure,  economic hardships and growing demands on its ministry leaders, how could this director re-affirm the organization’s leadership principles with his frontline team leaders in a way that would not add to the long list of demands already made of them?

Getting the job done correctly meant using the appropriate ministry 360 feedback product. The manager of the survey knew that purchasing an off the shelf survey software product that needed to be installed on hundreds of computers in this remote setting was too costly and totally out of the question.  The solution had to be a web-based platform that matched his top objectives:

This comprehensive ministry assessment was a complete success!  Despite the technical challenges of conducting a multi-rater survey in a country where having an Internet connecting is not commonplace, CompleteSurvey’s Leadership360 product worked beautifully.   Fifty church leaders were rated, more than 500 requests were made to the leader’s Direct Reports, Managers and Peers to complete the core value evaluation, and over one thousand responses were received for compilation into individual reports for each church leader.

CompleteSurvey's Survey Developer and Statistical Analyst, Scott Clark, reported "This project's success proves the global versatility of CompleteSuurvey's 360 survey solution. It was shown to be; easy to use, overcame significant logistic challenges and delivered professional reporting and more than satisfied the user's expectations. "