Leadership 360 feedback proves its success as a top performance evaluation tool. As the premier 360 review Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, CompleteSurvey.com, through the Leadership360 line of services, has focused on the special needs of leadership training and development firms for over the past sixteen years.  By understanding the needs of training and development organizations, classroom/student management, customization, low administrative overhead, cost efficiency (to name a few),  CompleteSurvey.com has evolved Leadership360 into a powerful and multipurpose human resources tool.

CompleteSurvey’s Leadership360  is a  proven solution that has processed more than 300,000 full circle reviews worldwide.  This popularity is due to a number of factors, but the  flexibility of this multi-source assessment product have led to its wide adoption.

Globally based management firms have proven CompleteSurvey’s success.  Many of our clients have been with us for more than a decade.  Their continued use in a highly competitive market speaks to the ability to use Leadership360 in a variety of changing client needs and world economies.   The extensive flexibility of components this specialized SaaS offers include:

  • Delivery of online 360° reviews to course participants, corporate clients, individual leaders, and other groups.

  • Capability to brand 360° offering with leadership firm’s content and appearance.

  • Payment on a per-assessment bases without up-front costs and discount applied for annualized volume.

  •  24x7 uptime, assessment availability, scalability, and security.

  • Reduced administration overhead from paper-and-pencil surveys and other online offerings.

  • Ability to deliver multilingual worldwide 360° reviews.

  • Integration with CompleteSurvey's question and competency library with normative data.

  • Use of CompleteSurvey's Class Management and Assessment Design Modules to administer class 360° registration and to create and layout new 360° reviews.

  • Secure, offsite, data assurance.

  • Comprehensive, insightful actionable reports to 360° participants.

  • Access to Custom Design Services as needed.

The Leadership360 review system is a complete assessment tool that addresses the crucial needs of leadership trainers and coaching consultants when developing a corporation’s internal competitive edge through effective performance evolutions.