In a nation where one-third of all young adults have a four-year college degree, it can be hard for employers to separate the good from the bad when reviewing resumes and applications. A college degree simply doesn’t carry the same weight it did just a few decades ago.  But that doesn’t mean top colleges have simply given up on trying to distinguish their students from those at other universities.

Over the past few years, “Student Leadership Development” programs have become a staple component of top college curriculums. Designed to cultivate strong leaders, these programs offer students the opportunity to gain powerful leadership skills through management seminars, communication exercises and workplace immersion experiences. The ultimate goal is to equip students with leadership skills that set them apart from their competition and ensure their success as young professionals.

One powerful tool these programs use is 360 degree feedback. Originally designed as a way for corporations to boost employee performance, these assessments have been modified to fit the needs of students seeking to beat their competition in what has become a super-competitive economic environment.

CompleteSurvey offers Dynamic360° for Student Leaders.   To match and outdo the competition a 360 degree feedback program has been designed specifically for student leaders. Instead of surveying peers and managers about traditional workplace metrics, this student leadership development instrument hones in on those skills and traits that are essential for developing strong student-leaders: communication, work ethic, teachability, flexibility, etc.

Student leader's personal development plan.  This Dynamic360° product gives students powerful feedback to help them map precise paths in their personal development. Through detailed surveys completed by peers, colleagues, professors and employers, Dynamic360° for Student Leaders gives students a holistic, 360 degree view of their own strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to develop the skills needed to maximize success as top performers in their field. Young professionals, MBA candidates, and aspiring corporate leaders have much to gain from multi-rater assessment.  Dynamic360° empowers students to acquire this feedback in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

The result? Students equipped to enter the workforce with powerful self-awareness that puts them one step ahead of their competition.

Fortunately, the 360 degree feedback process is easy. Our system is web-based with complete data assurance and purchased on a per-survey basis. This means information is secure and there are no upfront costs or cumbersome administrative duties involved in creating surveys and receiving feedback.