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When you implement 360° assessment programs in your company, ensuring it is implemented the right way is essential to achieving optimum results. The overall results obtained from 360° evaluations aim at developing competency-based plans, formulate training and development programs, and give an accurate picture of your workforce's performance. Here are a few pointers that can help you attain honest and insightful feedback:

1. Solicit managerial support. Having the support of senior management before implementing anything in your organization is important. This holds true for implementing 360° feedback as well. You should seek the support of senior management by informing them about the benefits of 360° feedback and to ensure the success of the program, an email from the top management should be sent to all employees.

2. Notify the feedback recipients. Many times, feedback recipients may fear demotion or termination that deters them from actively participating in the 360° assessment program initiative. Therefore, it is important to inform them about the purpose of the feedback system and evaluation, and ensure them that feedback will remain personal and anonymous--seen by the subject's eyes only. Organizations can arrange a session to educate the employees about how 360° programs would help them conduct fair appraisals, assess training needs, and save precious time apart from improving overall productivity and organizational growth.

3. Instruct all participants. Participants need to fill various survey forms containing questions about their colleagues' attitude, performance, and behavior. This might lead to suspicions and doubts as to how this information will be used. All these qualms about 360° feedback assessments can prevent honest participation by employees. Therefore, it is imperative to inform the participants about the 360° feedback program, how it works, and why it is being implemented. To obtain honest feedback, users must understand that all information is anonymous and the purpose of the system is only to improve performance...not to weed out poor performers.

4. Protect anonymity and confidentiality. 360° feedback assessment are successful because of their confidential nature. To get an honest and open feedback, it is important that employees do not doubt the confidentiality of their feedback. Furthermore, you can use a neutral third-party or host survey results off-site to ensure maximum security of results. CompleteSurvey, for example, can host your survey results on their secured servers to ensure the data is safe and confidential. Letting your employees know that the data is secure will increase the effectiveness of their feedback.

5. Use reliable 360° software. At CompleteSurvey, we provide powerful web-based 360° feedback software solutions that will streamline your 360° feedback process while significantly cutting down on the time and capital required. Our effective 360° feedback software applications contain extensive questionnaires covering all perspectives and positions within an organization. We also provide excellent security features to ensure data is secure. We generate comprehensive and flexible data reports that include charts and graphs to help users understand and interpret their results.

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