It’s easy to think about a company located in a standalone brick ‘n mortar location conducting a 360-degree feedback review of its employees.  The company’s HR professional simply does a little digging on the Internet to find; an experienced multi-rater assessment design company who provides 360° survey Software as a Service (SaaS). This third-party provider has PhD level experts in psychometrics, statistics and psychology who have developed customizable survey instruments that guarantee anonymity with secure data assurance and actionable reporting.   With the technology that we use to do business with today, the contacts are made and the 360-degree feedback is quickly underway.  It’s that easy!

But, if you are a large company with multiple worldwide locations and hundreds or even thousands of employees and you’re exploring the possibilities of investing in a 360-degree review system to increase workplace productivity, just what are your options?  You know the ultimate value of what a multi-source assessment will do for your business overall but are concerned about making a fixed IT investment in a system when the ROI is difficult to measure.  How will the data be kept secure, private and anonymous while keeping the administrative costs under control?  In addition to all of this, your company needs a specialized instrument or systems need that isn’t an out of the box solution.

Real-Life Return to Worldwide Organizations with Large-Scale 360° Feedback

Ultimately, your global company needs the same online 360° survey SaaS provider that the single building business has found to offer the identical real-life return throughout your international organization.  For a large-scale 360-degree feedback system functions with the same attention to detail and security as does for a company with a much smaller number of raters.  Answering the need for a system of substantial-size, the CompleteSurvey Enterprise360° solution was expertly developed as a measurement for performance tool to meet the needs of large organizations.

One of CompleteSurvey’s global clients, PPG Industries, Inc., deployed Enterprise360° out to more than 38,000 participants.  Dan Hubert, PPG’s Director of Learning and Development, summarized their experience by saying,

“We had a goal to make the system easy to use for both feedback receivers and feedback providers with less time and effort. Enterprise360 is very user friendly, making it easy to create an employee driven process. CompleteSurvey was able to implement a system that met or exceeded every expectation that we had. The value received from CompleteSurvey greatly outweighed the costs.”

Alex Grimshaw, CEO of PPS International, Ltd, successfully utilized CompleteSurvey’s Enterprise360 product to address his company’s multinational/multilingual corporate client necessities.

“For our corporate clients, we needed to offer a 360 review system that was easily accessed from anywhere in the world, available in multiple languages including Chinese and Japanese, and simple for their employees to understand and use. CompleteSurvey’s Enterprise360 solution was a perfect fit for us. It far and away exceeded all of our requirements.”

Multi-rater development and performance appraisals are available to any size company anywhere in the world.  Since 1997 CompleteSurvey has been providing 360–degree feedback products and services that have continuously empowered individuals while improving corporate performance around the globe.