"The antidote to self-deception is self-awareness. Among the thousands of senior corporate executives I’ve met and worked with over the years, no single quality is more conspicuously absent, or less actively valued."
-Tony Schwartz, CEO, The Energy Project

There is nothing more dangerous to your business than your own capacity for self-deception. Yes, you read that right.  No piece of your organization is more dangerous to its success than the lies you tell yourself.  Renowned entrepreneur Jay Goltz notes that “owners who cannot get out of their own way...who continue to make the same mistakes over and over” are among the top three reasons why small businesses fail.  “Fall in love [with your product]” he writes, “but a wonderful product or service won’t make up for bad deficiencies in marketing, management or finance.”

Executives who cannot see their own shortcomings are enemies of their company’s success.  In addition, those who fool themselves into believing things to be other than the way they really are often lead their organization into more risk than is necessary, setting themselves up for long-term failure.

Let’s look at this from another angle...

When we view the world around us, we are faced with a single set of facts.  Not all of us interpret these facts the same way, however.  But there are always some whose interpretation is more in line with reality than others. These are the ones destined for success.

When you can see reality for what it really is, you have positioned yourself to succeed. You’ve separated yourself from your competition and gained a more realistic picture of how to achieve your goals.

That’s what Dynamic360 does for you.

By collecting, organizing, and analyzing your co-workers’ opinions about your performance, products like Dynamic360 give you the opportunity to see reality apart from your own biases, leaving no room for self-deception.  You see yourself through the eyes of those around you and discover weaknesses you would have never seen otherwise.  And like I said above, identifying these weaknesses is the first step toward achieving powerful self-awareness.

Dynamic360 collects valuable psychometric data from your closest circle of peers and coworkers and organizes that data into a detailed 360° feedback report.  This report gives you action items to pursue as you seek to improve your own performance, thereby streamlining production and increasing revenues.

In addition, Dynamic360 can be used for each and every member of your organization, allowing all employees to discover their strengths and weaknesses that they never knew they had.  Users find that their 360° reports increase productivity and create a confident and accountable workforce.

It’s no wonder that almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies utilize 360° feedback as part of their employee development initiatives.