Leadership development organizations, from a corporate training department with a set curriculum to  a single consultant providing executive coaching have a common goal: to provide organizations a means of improving the performance of their business by developing the talents of individuals .

Quite often this is done with some type of assessment. A single source assessment such as a profiling instrument provides an opportunity for introspection and self evaluation of one’s own behavioral/management style. A multi-source assessment builds on the value of the self evaluation by juxtapositioning the assessment of others into a comparative analysis.  A 360 feedback is a popular and effective multi source assessmentIt measures for performance by building a constellation of competency specific questions.

However, implementing a 360 feedback is a challenging task. It starts with precise coordination and interaction with the 360 participants and their selected raters. Then data collection includes both of quantitative and qualitative feedback. The assembling of  so many contributing sources requires dependable data compilation.  And finally the reporting of so many points of data must be well organized, readable and actionable.

CompleteSurvey has a long history of supporting Leadership Organizations successfully implement 360 Feedback

We bring an expertise in design and validation of 360 feedback instruments. Our developers can work with your team to help design a customized leadership assessment that can turn a competency model for employee success into a comprehensive assessment and easy to interpret report.  Then our proven data collection and reporting web-based-solution handles all the coordination with participants and raters.  The administrative tasks are managed through a web-based interface that are flexible and powerful.  In the end a full color, printable report is delivered quickly and electronically to the participant or administrator.

A 360 Feedback Case Study

PPS International, a global network of Leadership Trainers serving multinational corporations has a 15 year history with CompleteSurvey. We provide a library of 30+ single source and multi source assessment questions to their corporate clients in seven languages.  PPS is able to schedule clients, electronically invite participants and their selected raters, monitor status of data collection and print full color reports used as part of their course curriculum.

Importantly for PPS, CompleteSurvey’s Leadership360° product can be rebranded to accentuate their company, not interfere with their brand. The report content embeds survey results alongside PPS’s course material. The emails, user interface and the online instrument itself are designed with the PPS’ corporate image making CompleteSurvey’s involvement completely anonymous.

We can help your Leadership organization add a 360 feedback to your toolkit of services.