What do my coworkers think of me, and how does that compare to what I think about myself?

These are the questions 360° feedback tries to answer. By anonymously surveying one's network of peers, managers, co-workers even external customers, 360° feedback (also known as multi-rater feedback) helps individuals gain a more realistic view of their own performance. This empowers them to improve upon their weaknesses and exploit their strengths, leading to a more productive and capable worker.

360° feedback is vital to improving professional performance. Recent studies show a more effective way to appraise performance and increase efficiency is by conducting a 360 degree feedback review instead of traditional "top-down" evaluations. 360° feedback evaluates an individual through the eyes of those who work most closely with them. By acquiring this "360° view", survey subjects gain insight to their own strengths and improve performance and productivity.

360° feedback targets specific issues and competencies to ensure powerful results and superior performance. The questions on a 360° survey are designed to highlight specific issues faced by professionals of various levels of experience. Subjects are rated on five to ten different competencies ranging from communication and conflict-management skills to integrity and trustworthiness to self-knowledge and business acumen (and everything in between). CompleteSurvey’s Dynamic360° offers the option of easily writing niche specific questions and competencies, allowing the subject to gain highly detailed and relevant information about their performance.

360° feedback is available to businesses of all sorts and sizes. There are no rules on who can and cannot benefit from 360° feedback. The method is used by various levels of management to develop leaders in every type of organization imaginable. CompleteSurvey offers specialized measurement for performance products for leadership consultants, large enterprises, small businesses, and even nonprofit organizations.

360° feedback can be used for managers and non-managers alike. While 360° feedback had been reserved for industry-leaders and top-performing employees, our online solution allows companies to provide powerful 360° feedback tools to the whole spectrum of employees. These surveys can often be done from one's own computer and are administered entirely online, making the process straightforward and all the more effective. Visit CompleteSurvey's products page for an example of the various 360° products available today.