As a producer of high quality products and services, companies around the world demand high quality sale professionals to promote their goods and knowledge.  Hiring the proper salespeople with the right characteristics that match a company’s culture was a process that assessed the potential salesperson’s skills and effectiveness in totality.  Looking at the key qualities of competitiveness, independence, determination, vigor and sales drive was a formula necessary for choosing the right person in a very competitive field.

There are critical competencies that are contributing factors in the performance of successful sales professionals.  How well are they doing in such areas of prospecting, closing sales, call reluctance, self-starting, teamwork, building and maintaining relationships and compensation?  All specialized areas that can make or break success in sales.

Effectiveness of Multi-Rater Outcome Assessments.One of the best ways to access the effectiveness of well sought after salespeople goes far beyond the review of spreadsheet data.  By simply asking managers, peers and customers to participate in a multi-rater evaluation of a sales specialist can be the most effective catalyst to an individual’s growth and development.  Finding out firsthand the current strengths and training needs for each sales team member is valuable information.  What are the sales person’s areas of difficulty? How can they become more competitive when working with specific types of customers?

Instrument developers bring expert insight to 360 feedback for sales.  Since 1997 CompleteSurvey has developed a full understanding of an individual’s improved sales performance by seeing themselves through the eyes of the customers, their peers, managers and other important contributors.  This type of internal versus external cross-examination creates an opportunity to combine the radical differences sometimes found between inside the workplace responses and the outside opinions of the customer.  A well-developed multi-rater 360˚ feedback tool points out an employee’s strengths and weaknesses in very short order.

CompleteSurvey’s Dynamic360˚ for Sales Professionals has been developed to measure the performance of sales experts’ through a customizable questionnaire building process. Once the survey instrument is built and distributed to the specified raters, the feedback data is collected by CompleteSurvey for the generation of actionable reports and a detailed statistical synopsis.

The Dynamic360˚for Sales Professionals best demonstrates the flexible usability of this web-based application.  The generated report summary, once reviewed and put into practice, will conclusively prove its influential effectiveness to the company, to its respective sales professionals and, most importantly, to the customer.