Employee feedback is becoming increasingly important for any organization, large or small, for profit or non, domestic or international.  360° feedback plays a key role in an effective communication and feedback cycle.   However, with specialization of employee and industry types is important that an organization custom-tailor a 360 feedback instrument to meet their  specific needs.  Generic surveys (or generic anything, for that matter) are can ineffective in today's hyper-competitive working environment.

Consider our Dynamic360° product.  Dynamc360°’s Instrument Builder incorporates industry-specific templates, meaning powerfully effective 360° questionnaires may already exist for your organization type, mission or employee type.  These templates have been proven effective by many previous users and may be well suited to your company's need.

However, Dynamic360° also allows administrators to construct their own questionnaires from scratch.  Dynamic360°’s item bank includes nearly 600 behavioral-based items and competencies from which users can draw.  360° Feedback instruments can be designed to hone in on specific variables and competencies that are of special significance for your unique organization.  In addition, users can write their own questions to highlight competencies they wish to examine or that are not covered in the pre-written list.

Dynamic360° gives your employees personalized ways to improve their performance.  A custom 360° Feedback survey creates even more specific opportunities for improvement.  If you’d like to learn more about how to customize a 360° survey for your organization, visit Dynamic360° to learn more.