"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

With so much competition going into growing churches these days, church leaders have tremendous responsibilities.  Whether they are paid or in volunteer positions, these people are entrusted by their respective congregations to lead their church with strength, dignity and good judgment.  This ministry team of leaders is constantly challenged with real world issues.  Balancing budgets, retaining suitable people, following the bylaws of the church and keeping the church’s wider mission in mind is a big job.

In an effort to keep the church’s leadership muscle well toned each person depends on the strengths and talents of each member.  Through an honest check and balance feedback structure in place, a church’s leadership can remain strong by continually improving their strengths and honing their weaknesses.  This full circle information system proves quickly that one person sharpens another.

High performers become the strong suit of long-range success.  This is where CompleteSurvey has successfully developed a specialized 360˚ performance tool to help keep each person’s contribution well-formed.  By collecting information from the leadership team, the pastors and other church members, the Dynamic360˚ for Ministries product has the maximum flexibility when creating questionnaires, choosing participants, and setting dates.  This ensures very relevant reports that give churches specific ways to improve leadership performance. High performing individuals who are all striving for the common good of the church become the strong suit of the church’s long range success.

Dynamic360˚ for Ministries measures competencies like ‘Change Agent’, ‘Christ-Centered Life’, ‘Directing Others’, ‘Inspiring Dedication’ and ‘Verbal Communication’. Users can even add their own questions and competencies to sharpen in on specific traits or skills they believe are relevant to their individual settings.

As a product that CompleteSurvey developers built strictly as a Web-based application, it is easy to experience the straightforwardness of this leading edge 360˚ instrument and its actionable reporting capabilities.

At its best, competition can build stronger leaders and raise the bar to improve everyone’s sharpness.  As the church leadership works together to improve their individual performances it ultimately improves the church as a whole.