The dynamics of the workforce have changed.  In traditional company models the flow chart of responsibilities started at the top-tier with the company’s owner flowing down to the managers who oversaw the production workers.  It worked well and was successful for a very long time.  However, with changing global economics and a change in employee mindset, even employer/employee relationships have grown in ways that are new to everyone.

Then vs. Now!  The table herein shows how the International Public Management Association compares the dynamics of then to now.

Then Now
Lifetime employment Contingent workforce
Individual identity tied to the organization Individual identity tied to profession
Loyalty to the organization Looking out for #1
Entry-level hiring Hiring as competency is needed
The “Organization Man” Work/life balance
Unions were a major force Union influence declining
14 percent in private sector and 37 percent in government
Focus on domestic labor markets Global labor supply

Focusing on the reality of today’s workforce, companies of all types have the need to maximize the performance of everyone they bring on board.  There is a worldwide labor force that knows no boundaries between country borders which opens the talent pool like never before.

Regardless of where employees are located (whether it is a person who works within the brick and mortar structures of a specialized office location or an individual who operates from a remote part of the world), everyone is held to the same high standards of the organization for which they are employed/contracted.  Keeping a hired individual’s talents focused in vision, mission and strategy are measurable competencies important to companies everywhere.

Though it has always been a tradition to continuously keep office personnel in check, it is more important than ever to include those individual contributors who are not seen every day but continue to play a major role in a company’s achievements. Measuring their performance is equally as important as everyone else who adds to the corporate culture of a business and their ultimate ROI.

CompleteSurvey continues to equip the expanding needs of organizations with powerful web-based 360˚ feedback solutions to drive individual and corporate success.  When it becomes time for employee reviews, everyone across the board (or pond) should be included.

That being said, CompleteSurvey understands this modern-day need and has recently launched Dynamic360 for Individual Contributors.  This product has been especially designed to empower organizations to review the core competencies of their outside providers while keeping tabs on their expanding talent pool.

To experience this wonderfully new and effortless 360˚ survey design tool, the Dynamic360 for Individual Contributors can best be demonstrated by taking a free on-line product tour.  (A shortened survey template of the Individual Contributors feedback review is one of the choices in the ‘Select Questionnaire’ section of the demo.)