360° feedback is well-known to be a powerful tool for analyzing and improving employee performance. According to scholars Richard Lepsinger and Anntoinette D. Lucia, the majority of Fortune 100 companies use 360° feedback as part of their employee evaluation process because, unlike other more traditional "top-down" evaluations, 360° feedback offers "a unique opportunity to link specific leaders behaviors to organizational performance and for individuals to find out how [others]...perceive their use of these behaviors."

360° feedback surveys are not effective, however, if organizations do not follow up their surveys with specific action item plans for improvement based on the survey results. Other complaints are that executing 360° feedback is too time-consuming, too cumbersome for HR departments, or simply too expensive...especially for smaller organizations. High amounts of time and money are often spent acquiring 360° feedback, and thus organizations are left without additional resources to devote to follow-up activities. Thus, 360° feedback is often seen as a tool only for executives or "high-potential" employees.

Dynamic360° is changing this. Having operated in the 360° feedback/employee evaluation industry since 1997, we have seen firsthand what works and what doesn't when it comes to 360° feedback. So we made Dynamic360° highly flexible to allow for maximum customizability when creating questionnaires, choosing participants, and setting dates. This ensures very relevant reports that give you specific ways to improve employee performance.

Customizing your 360° feedback surveys is as easy as drag-and-drop. By honing in on very specific questions and competencies, Dynamic360° is able to generate powerful reports that leave your organization and its employees fully prepared to take the next step toward improving performance.

We also created Dynamic360° to be a turnkey product. This means you can buy, create, and administer your 360° feedback survey all from an intuitive interface on your own desktop. There is no need to wait on an expensive third-party administrator or pay setup fees. With Dynamic360°, you can have 360° feedback surveys up and running in minutes!

The technology behind Dynamic360° empowers organizations of any size to collect insightful feedback and provide every employee with specific ways to improve their performance. Customized questions and competency libraries provide personalized and accurate reports. With Dynamic360°, you are empowered to achieve better results and turn insightful feedback into action-item plans for improving performance.